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abril 3, 2009 / pneto

Robot Scientist Adam: A Robot Made To Do Science – Gizmo Watch

Robot Scientist Adam: A Robot Made To Do Science – Gizmo Watch: “Imagine a lab were robots are carrying out all researcher activities, without the slightest of intervention from lab assistants or legendary brains. Developed and tested for the reason, robotic scientist Adam, with embedded artificial intelligence has successfully carried out laboratory experiments – paving a new thought in our mind for scientists being replaced by robots.

Capabilities of the mechanical scientist

Having discovered new functions for genes in yeast code a frequently researched organism, and having carried out tasks regarding predictions, analysis etc, this biological robot scientist from Ross King and his group of scientists in Aberystwyth University could be a wave in research, engaging enough to eventually mechanize the entire research procedure.

Development and procedural implications

Involving over a million dollars cost in making, Adam with all sorts of mechanical tools to hold and segregate things, has three computers and a set of laser chips to monitor, control and help the bot scientist to investigate and carryout thousands of experimental tasks a day. The scientists have also developed Eve another biology research scientist robot that screens chemical compounds for new pharmaceutical drugs. The developers believe the two robots can work in harmony for better research and development.”


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