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setembro 23, 2008 / pneto

Bicicleta Conceito

Gizmo Watch => The Bike Pack is a foldable bicycle designed for individuals seeking everyday commute alternatives. The product offers unmatched flexibility in its usage, as it can be folded away into a neat backpack that the user can carry around. The benefits of such a design are manifold – reduction of our dependence on carbon-belching vehicles, an easier travel alternative during heavy traffic and most importantly, economical advantages that a car or a motorbike may not offer.
What’s Innovative: Foldable bicycles that were released earlier were cumbersome and inflexible. Moreover, carrying a pile of metal around can be overtly awkward and best avoided. The Bike Pack, on the contrary, can be neatly tucked away into an easy-to-carry backpack. As an important characteristic, the versatility of this product makes it a top choice for people looking to beat traffic snarls.

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