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maio 25, 2008 / pneto

Red & the Green: The Future of the Internet & How to Stop It

Red & the Green: The Future of the Internet & How to Stop It: “Jonathan Zittrain believes that gadgets such as iPhones and Xbox’s threaten the future of the internet. His book, entitled The Future of the Internet – And How to Stop it, has stirred up fierce discussion across the internet.
In his book, Zittrain, an American and a fervent hater of anything regulatory, believes that there should be two types of computers, or more to the point, two types of operating modes: red and green. In the green zone the system is locked down, and users would be unable to run programs that weren’t previously approved.
In the red zone though, everything would be open and thus if you were to download a movie from the internet, and it contained a virus, you’d be in it by yourself. However he noted that there should be a restore function, so that even in the red zone you can go back to a time before being infected.
The latest to comment is Bill Thompson, technology critic and writer for the BBC. In an article entitled “Staying Safe and Taking Risks” Thompson advocates an extension of Zittrain’s idea: two zones of internet.
Thompson suggests that, similarly to Zittrain’s safe and unsafe zones of computing, there should be a safe and unsafe internet: two separate internets. One would be the safe and locked down version, where viruses and the like don’t exist, and websites and programs are locked to all hell and back, the other, the freedom that many of us would want.”

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