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abril 7, 2008 / pneto

DIY Gamers’ Dream Home – Deep Virtual World In Your Space – Gizmo Watch

DIY Gamers’ Dream Home – Deep Virtual World In Your Space – Gizmo Watch: “How about taking gaming to all new affordable level and converting your attic or basement into a full fledged game room, all for an affordable two and a half grand. Now, let’s see how you can put all of this together. You aren’t paying too much, so an $800 Bumblebee projector which has a display resolution of 800×600 will be just right for your game graphics. To give you all the thunderous sound effects without which every game will be incomplete, you can plonk in a nice 5.1 speaker surround from Zenith which retails for about hundred bucks. Now, for the big mutha, the game console. The inexpensive Nintendo Wii just fits your bill perfectly with it’s vast range of inexpensive game titles and five built in games for just $250. Gateway FX7020, a gaming PC that will provide some cutting edge gaming performance can be had for $1100. Every gamer worth his salt needs headphones, so you could take a look at the JVC’s HA-NC80 noise cancelling headphones for $40.

We, at Gizmowatch recommend the Guitar Hero 3:Legends of Rock game title for a complete gaming experience. And, to avoid all that clutter that abounds with a cartload of game equipment and it’s assorted controllers, don’t forget to add a universal remote. To complete your game room, you could add a Nintendo DS Lite portable gaming console as the final addition for $130. All that gaming equipment will set you back by an affordable $2510. Now, if you are not satisfied with all this and you happen to want a gaming room that really is out of the world, take a look at this one, and be prepared to pay all of 8 grand for it.
Source: PCMag”


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