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abril 6, 2008 / pneto

DVICE: Toshiba’s unbelievably tiny HD1 HDTV camera is world’s smallest

“We knew HDTV cameras were getting small, but had no idea they could be shrunk to a size scarcely larger than a sugar cube. That’s about the dimensions of a tiny camera Toshiba will roll out this month at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention in Las Vegas. The 2.3-ounce IK-HD1 is just 1.6 inches square, and even though it’s the smallest HD camera in the world, there’s still enough room in there for three CCD chips that can crank out glorious 1080i broadcast-quality color.
Now don’t start thinking this will be part of a camcorder you might pick up at a consumer electronics store — it attaches to a wired control unit that can be situated up to 90 feet away, and is destined for use as a hidden camera on reality shows. Maybe it’ll show up in a sports presentation or two. But really — who knew high-quality HD cameras could get this small? This HD1 is aimed at the pro market for now, but we’re sure this tech will trickle down to consumer cameras before too long. Toshiba, via Engadget HD

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