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abril 1, 2008 / pneto

IMind:The Intuitive IPod Mind-Controller – Gizmo Watch

IMind:The Intuitive IPod Mind-Controller – Gizmo Watch: “This one’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. Fiction finally meets reality through iMind, a cutting-edge iPod headset. Designed by Taiwanese electronics specialist Toidi-Naru and sold under the Foops brand, the iPod accessory helps users operate their mp3 player with their mind. Unbelievable? Not at all!The iMind incorporates over twenty tiny sensors that – hold your breath! – read people’s thoughts and the slightest facial movements. You can change music by just envisaging an artist or a song. Additionally, users can create custom playlists and music genres, all with the help of their mind a la ‘ The Matrix’. Left and right eye winks act as volume controls. A complete blink translates to song changes, while eyebrow waves can activate the shuffle option. Additionally, ear wiggles can help in changing your iPod settings. Now, this is what we call ‘applying thought’!

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