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março 7, 2008 / pneto

Transferring Data From A HDD Gets Easy – Gizmo Watch

Transferring Data From A HDD Gets Easy – Gizmo Watch: “A neat little device that you will really miss when you have a hard-drive upgrade, that is if you don’t have one of these in the first place, is the HDD to USB adapter. This considering, the latest hard drives which have hundreds of gig’s of files crammed into them. Now, people are buying memory in terabytes after memory prices have fallen in recent times. Imagine, you upgrading your hard disk to a bigger one but then you don’t feel like parting with your precious data on your older hard disk. so what do you do? You have three options to deal with it, 1-forget the data, 2-call a data recovery expert and pay him some bucks for recovery or be smart enough to have this handy device with you. If you like the third option you might want the handy device, I am talking about – the Newertech USB to HDD adapter.

This Device allows you to plug your HDD to this adapter and plug this adapter into your PC’s USB port and transfer all the data into your new HDD, doesn’t matter which type it is, IDE, ATA, ATAPI or SATA, this adpater takes it all. What’s more, it even has warning lights to show whether your hard disk is working or not. One more Plug and Play device for you. Although we don’t change our hard drives everyday this device will come in handy if we still like to use our older hard disks for data transfer and storage. You will just need to carry this adapter with your hard disk. But the Adapter will prove to be a boon for system administrators and for those who do a lot of hard disk data transfer. This little Newertech USB to HDD adapter which can save us a lot of hassles comes at just $35.
VIA: Crunchgear”


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